Books 24x7 - הנחיות גישה

How to Access Books 24x7


*  To get access to books24X7 from outside the campus or via Wi-Fi first you have to set up remote access and then follow the instructions below.   

** If a book from the Books24X7 repository cannot be accessed through the DaTA system, the book can be accessed by searching the repository itself.


1. The first time you visit, you will be asked to register for a free Username and Password.


2You have to provide your personal TAU e-mail address (not a private e-mail address) in order to create a Username/Password account. 

You will also be presented with the Membership Agreement and asked to click “I Agree”:    


3. You will receive a system-generated password in your TAU mail.  


4. Log in to the service providing your TAU email address as your Username and the password that you received.


5. You can change the system-generated password after logging in for the first time.


Note: Books in books24X7 can be viewed online and cannot be downloaded.


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